Electrophysiological catheters

Catheters for RF Ablation
Endocardial ablation catheters are designed for electrophysiological mapping and endocardial radiofrequency ablation of the heart.
Catheters for Pulse Field ablation
Endocardial ablation catheters of the PFA series are designed for electrophysiological mapping and endocardial pulse field ablation of the heart.
Catheters Biotok PFA for Linear Ablation
Catheters Biotok PFA for point by point ablation
Various models of catheters for pulse field ablation
Diagnostic endocardial catheters
Guided and unguided diagnostic catheters for coronary sinus.
Transesophageal catheters with temperature sensor
Temperature registration: 4 / 8 temperature sensors.
Transesophageal catheters for diagnostic stimulation
3 variants:
  • 2-pole;
  • 2-pole with an anesthetic irrigation channel;
  • 4-pole.
Tubbing set for irrigation pump

Tubbing set is designed to supply cooling to irrigated catheters for RF ablation.

Arrhythmia Surgery Kit

Epicardial clamp for isolation of pulmonary veins with removable electrodes.

Plate electrodes for high-density mapping.

The electrode is a clothespin for stimulation and registration of atrial electrograms.

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