Pulse Field Ablation
Biotok Pulsar

Pulse Field Ablation
Pulse Field Ablator
Biotok Pulsar

A new method of cardioselective ablation of cardiac arrhythmias.
Safety. Efficiency. Promptness.
Biotok pulsar
According to multicenter studies, the annual clinical effectiveness of pulmonary vein isolation in patients with atrial fibrillation using pulse field ablation is comparable to that using thermal ablation techniques. Studies on a large number of patients have shown that this technique is preferable in terms of safety.
Biotok pulsar
The electrochemical properties of the cardiomyocyte cause a high susceptibility to electroporation effects. The surrounding organs and tissues have higher thresholds for the onset of irreversible electroporation, which ensures their safety even during volumetric effects on the posterior wall of the left atrium.

During ablation, the diaphragmatic nerve and esophagus are not damaged by the pulse field energy.
Biotok pfa
Ease of performing the intervention
The ease of positioning of specialized electrodes ensures: a low entry threshold for performing this procedure, repeatability of results, as well as the absence of the need for non-fluoroscopic navigation systems.

Currently, it has been shown that electroanatomic amplitude mapping during isolation of pulmonary veins using with pulsed field ablation does not increase the clinical effectiveness of ablation. The refusal to use non-fluoroscopic systems allows you to reduce the total time of the procedure to 30 minutes.
Biotok pfa
Biotok PFA Catheters for Pulse Field Ablation
Specialized catheters optimized according to efficiency and safety criteria can significantly reduce the total operation time due to the volume and homogeneity of the damage caused.
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